Friday, 18 June 2010

Organic Fairtrade Cotton Aprons

Recently we were contacted by a bakery with the intriguing name of Quangle Wangle. They were interested in our organic Fairtrade cotton catering aprons. We sent them the information, they placed an order, our partners in K.V.Kuppam produced them, we delivered them to Quangle Wangle... and a few days later we received a very friendly thankyou-email from them saying how much they adore the aprons.

Here's what they have to say about themselves:

Quangle Wangle Foods is a small artisan bakery business selling hand made, stone baked breads and patisserie from organic ingredients to a gaggle of local customers and a couple of village shops. In addition I make limited edition seasonal jams and jellies from the fruits of my garden and yummies like real lemon curd when my hens are laying more eggs than I can bake solidiers for.

As well as sporting the aprons myself, they will be part of a gift pack containing a lovely loaf of bread and some jams - perfect as a new house pressie, or people who already have everything - as in the picture!

Me? I love them because they are big enough to fold a tuck into at the waist, then tie round at the front and hide the tie in the tuck - then I feel ready for anything - to bake without one now would feel like riding my bike without a helmet!

The Company name comes from an Edward Lear nonsense poem. The Quangle Wangle sits on his Crumpetty tree and declares that jam and jelly and bread are the best of foods, and that's what I make - mostly bread but also jams and jellies from home grown fruits...!

Jemma - Quangle Wangle

They are based in Shaftesbury, Wiltshire. One day we'd like to visit them and sample their delicious stone-baked breads with seasonal jam.... mmmm!

Quangle Wangle Foods
The Rectory


  1. Sounds great, the bread and the whole ethos of the company too! One to look out for.

  2. Have just come across this blog by chance, I live nearby to Quangle Wangle and I have had the pleasure of buying her bread and jam and I would like to tell everyone just how wonderful Jemma's bread is!!

  3. That's great, thanks for your comments Kate and Ren.