Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Birthday Party in Totnes

On Saturday, Bishopston Trading's 25th Birthday was celebrated in our Totnes branch. Staff, long-term customers, the Mayor, the Mayoress and members of the town's Chamber of Commerce were there to cut the cake, swill down the wine (Fairtrade of course) and generally have a good time.

From left to right: Lovely Alice (one of our Totnes shop team), Wendy (loyal customer and Totnes Fairtrade Town committee member), the Mayor, Wonderful Karen (our ever-effervescent Shop Manager), the Mayoress, Paul (Head of Totnes Chamber of Commerce), another loyal customer whose name we must apologise for misplacing, and our Lovely Hannah (another member of the Totnes shop team and our pattern-grader).

The Mayor and Mayoress cut the Birthday ribbon.

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