Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Organic Cotton Vegetable Bags

Earlier in the year we were contacted by some very concerned people from Seattle. They were very happy about the decrease in plastic-bag-use that has been seen in both the UK and the USA over the last few years and the increased consciousness generally about the damaging effects of our plastic-bag habit. But they'd noticed that when people buy their groceries they still tend to pack each different kind of vegetable and fruit in its own little plastic bag. So they had come up with an attractive and affordable solution which they wanted us to make for them using our organic cotton cloth.

Have a look here at Wonder Thunder's blog posts for a short video clip about their breathable, washable and reusable organic cotton fruit and veg bags with quirky cartoon toast and other friendly characters printed on them.

Here are the Wonder Thunder fruit and veg bags in production in K.V.Kuppam

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