Tuesday, 13 July 2010

500 Fairtrade Towns, Boroughs, Counties, Kingdoms and Villages

Take a look at this short video clip on the guardian site with soundbites from Fairtrade campaigners from across the country.

Video: Fairtrade heroes: 'It's bigger than a money thing' Society guardian.co.uk

The Fair Trade movement is about to celebrate the 500th Fairtrade town in Britain - here town is used in quite a loose sense: it covers Boroughs, Counties, Villages and even Kingdoms! Many of the Fairtrade groups behind these campaigns have had Fairtrade cotton bags produced for them by Bishopston Trading Company, some have gone on to have their own promotional Fairtrade cotton tea towels as well.

We're happy to say we're members of the Bristol Fairtrade Network which is the steering group behind Bristol's Fairtrade City status. We're also proud to say that the spirit of solidarity and justice that underpins the whole Fair Trade movement runs deep in our veins here at Bishopston Trading. The company grew out of a twinning link that was established between the area of Bishopston in Bristol and the South Indian village of K.V.Kuppam all the way back in 1978.

Bishopstonians have been supporting social development projects in K.V.Kuppam since that time and the trading company itself grew out of a direct request from some of the villagers for stable jobs. As a company we exist solely to provide stable, well-paid employment for the people of K.V.Kuppam; any profits that we make which aren't used to grow the business and generate further employment are donated to our sister charity to fund development projects in the area.

Here's to the next 500 Fairtrade towns!

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  1. Also, I forgot to mention that we provide Fairtrade Town groups across the country with fashion show packs. Putting on a fashion show is a great way to get new people interested in Fairtrade. Let me know if you'd like further details.