Sunday, 15 November 2009

Fair Trade Blogging

I wanted to reassure you that despite my lack of postings over the last few weeks, I haven't forgotten about blogging. In fact on the contrary, I've been busy reading other people's blogs!

Here are four of my favourites that I wanted to share with you: together they give a nice picture of the diversity of the Fair Trade movement and the interactions between producers and buyers.

Laden with awards and rightly so, Pachacuti are the real-deal. Carry's blog offers a window into the Fair Trade fashion-house, with fascinating stories from her producer-partners in the mountainous areas of Ecudor.

Shared Interest are the UK's Fair Trade bank, they finance Fair Trade producer groups all over the world. Don't let the recent crisis tarnish your view of all banks, Shared Interest is exemplary and their blog reports on their work with producers and with the Fair Trade campaigning movement here in the UK.

The soft-drinks industry has become emblematic of our globalised world and its inequalities. But Ubuntu Cola proves that it can be part of the solution. This blog by Elod Kafaukoma is a very personal account of life and Fair Trade from the producers' end.

Second only to arch-rival Wales in the stakes for the world's first Fairtrade Countries. The Scottish Fairtrade Forum contains a wealth of information on the campaign for fairer terms of trade.


  1. Thank you for the mention in your blog. However, I would like to clarify that Shared Interest is technically not a bank, it is a cooperative lending society. As such it is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority, the regulator of all providers of financial services in the UK.

    Thanks again for your support and best of luck!

    Patrick Dodd
    Marketing Manager, Shared Interest

  2. Thanks for that clarification Patrick. Very timely as I'm due to speak at a Shared-Interest event here in Bristol on Saturday, looking forward to learning more.