Friday, 25 September 2009

Fairtrade Fellas

For almost 25 years we've been producing, in partnership with K.V.Kuppam, Fair Trade cotton clothes for women and young children. Several of our most popular styles are unisex, like the well-known 939 reversible trousers and the 550 patchwork trousers; in addition we've always had a small selection of shirts for men, but to be honest the range for men has been far from extensive.

Ultimately I suppose this has been due to limited demand. However, in the last couple of years we've noticed an increase in interest from blokes - both in our high street shops and online. So this Autumn, we're proud to present an extended selection of garments for Fairtrade-friendly-fellas!

So for example our classic Clean Jeans can now be complemented with our first Fairtrade cotton man's Teeshirt, or with our new look slimfit shirt - tailored for a less baggy fit than the ever popular 684 shirt.

A new cotton denim shirt is also available with an informal looking grandad collar. Our 1006 formal white shirt is perfect for more serious occasions. And finally, because every man needs a rest now and again: Fairtrade cotton men's pyjamas.

All at affordable prices and all now available from our online shop....

Fairtrade Fellas Rejoice!

Thanks to Tom for modelling!


  1. I've been buying your clothes, mainly the shirts, for about ten years, as I like the style and everything that you stand for. I'm not so convinced by the unisex trousers though, and my wife refuses to let me wear them. I for one would buy more organic-fair-trade men's clothing if you increased your range (as I notice People Tree are doing). Any other men out there agree with me?

  2. Thanks Alan for your comment and for supporting us for 10 years. I will pass on this request to the design department, I agree I would like to see a new pair of men's trousers other than the jeans which I wear nearly everday! cheers

  3. The unisex trousers provoked marital discord on account of the drawstring waist, deep front pockets and length slightly too short for a man with an inside leg of 31".

    It would be good to see you do a man's jacket and waistcoat or bodywarmer.